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Tired of unsuccessful projects, unsuccessful investments and endless spending of money? It's like I hear your answer is yes. So, would you like to keep your productivity rate at the highest level by realizing your projects in the most effective way? Again, I hear what you want. Then get ready! You will be breaking new ground with AEX Agency.

Who Is This AEX Agency?

The date 01.09.2021 is a turning point in my life. I was working as a project manager for a long time. But the project I really wanted and my dreams were not just that. I wanted to sign bigger works, to focus on the field I wanted. That day, I made a decision and I wanted to do the job that I had dreamed of since my childhood. I brought it to life as soon as possible and laid the foundations of the AEX Agency brand.

What is our vision?

Our main vision is to serve our customers in the best way every day. Not only that, we aim to provide the best service to our users with new purposes every day. All kinds of work of the person in front of us falls within our field of vision. It is our job to help him in the easiest way, from the smallest job to the most detailed job, to help him rise and get the project he wants without giving him a headache.

What is our Mission?

Our mission is spread out like the roots of a tree. We were established in line with the projects that we have acquired as multiple goals and aim to achieve. Our mission, which we can basically handle, is making the best decision for the health of the projects, regardless of the digital world or the world we live in. In addition, it is another of our mission to prepare our customers without tiring by doing turnkey works.

What Are Our Main Services?

As AEX Agency, we have handled many categories. We are ready to provide you with the best service with our professional staff in the field. Some of our services are as follows:

* E-commerce software; We have 3 different e-commerce software: Standard, XML Integrated and Custom Design. Features vary according to the content of the package.
* Webview Mobile Application; There are 3 different Webview Mobile Application packages: HUAWEI WEBVIEW, IOS WEBVIEW and ANDROID WEBVIEW. They all have the same features, only the platforms are different.
* Virtual Market Application and Courier Software (Android-IOS); One-time payment is made and set up.
* Signage Advertising Services; There are many signage services, especially Totem Sign, Box Letter Sign, Led Sign, Direction Sign, Stretch Sign and Composite Sign.
* Production Services;
* Design Services;
* Enterprise Software;
* Domain Name Services; Many domain registrations and transfers are made, especially .com, .net, .org and .net.
* Professional SSD Hosting; There are 3 different annual SSD Hosting packages, PRO SSD 1, PRO SSD 2 and PRO SSD 3. Depending on the package, its traffic, storage, disk space and the number of sites in it vary.
* Google SEO Services; We provide professional services in 3 different areas: SEO Packages, Promotional Article Packages and Backlink Packages.

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