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Antalya Signage and General Site Content

The concept of advertising has been an integral part of our lives for many years. Advertising services have become inevitable today in order to sell products to people regardless of size, model or materiality. Aex agency has been providing quality service to its customers in Antalya, one of the most beautiful cities in Turkey for a long time. Antalya advertising agency, which provides services in many different areas, has most of the advertising and marketing mixes. Antalya digital agency provides services such as advertising and production, corporate software and design, as well as services such as domain name services, professional SSD hosting and Google SEO.

E-Commerce with Aex Agency

Antalya e-commerce software, which has no annual rent or license fee, can be installed on any server with certain features. From the packages found on the Aex Agency site, the most suitable for the features and price can be selected. In all packages; It has SEO management, live statistics and URL forwarding support.

Antalya Signage Advertising Services

There are many different designs in Antalya signage. Produced by Aex Agency; Illuminated and non-illuminated signboards, totem, box letters, led, orientation, stretching, composite, relief, pilex and pylon signs can be shown as examples of different designs. For the desired design, a detailed brief is first taken. Then you can choose the most suitable design options for your needs.

Webview Application

The mobile application service, which has different options for Ios, Android and Huawei on the Aex Agency site, offers many services with a one-time payment. Features such as file upload and download support, gps access, camera access, full screen video support, splash screen at startup, onesignal notification, broadcasting, no internet warning page, unknown URL schemes support, Google admob banner, anti-zoom and advanced multi-window 3 option is also available in a common way. The three options mentioned have very close prices to each other.

Virtual Market Application and Courier Software

In today's pandemic conditions, the virtual market application has started to become popular day by day. These applications, which are developed for people to meet their needs easily without leaving home, are frequently preferred because they alleviate the intense pace of daily life. In order to take part in this ever-growing market, first of all, the necessary virtual market software must be created. With Aex Agency, the required software can be obtained after a one-time payment. In the software; Receipt printout from thermal printer, creating campaign and coupon codes, adding notes to the order, in-app support-chat feature, displaying of finished stocks as warnings on the customer panel, automatically adding canceled orders to the panel, setting the minimum package amount, unit or kilogram based There are many useful features such as sales and different payment options.

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